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How does James Bonato Video LLC differ from other event videographers?

James Bonato Video, LLC Wedding Demo Reel

         This is a two minute video montage of weddings I have shot over the years.

 Please watch my interview with the "Corona Diaries"

James Bonato Video, LLC Wedding Reel

Nowadays, wedding and Mitzvah clients seemed to be offered a quick-cut video trimmed down from all the footage that has been shot.  Here I offer a full length film where nothing is left out of the final product yet fully edited to the smallest detail.  My highlight films are more comprehensive and one can really live the emotion of the day’s events.  Highlight films here are crafted in a way understanding that you will be viewing it for several years to come as opposed to a quickie commercial-like piece.  At the event, I am as professional and low key as can be as you will be in the hands of a seasoned professional. 





On the corporate end, I bring a more natural eye to your video approaching it as if I were one of your clients.  I have produced several videos for a number of businesses that are featured on their websites.  And of course I have shot conventions with keynote speakers as well as funerals, musical productions and the like.


James Bonato Video, LLC Demo Reel

This is a short video montage of my work including weddings and other endeavours.

I offer the absolute highest quality work at the most affordable rate.

Whether the time of your event is split into morning and evening or even having separate events on different days, I will accommodate you. I can add several add-on features like a second camera, picture montage and a highlight clip.  I have been called on many times to create videos of a personal nature such as memorial films, love stories and documentaries. If you are looking to create something outside the box, let’s talk. The possibilities are endless.  Corporate or Sports. Instructional or conferences. I’ve done it all. Professional mics, lighting and camera equipment is used for each situational venue. All done at the best valued price in the market.  And most important of all, a unique and personal touch that has been developed for over 30 years of experience and professionalism will be in the forefront.  

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