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Documentary Films

Below are the links to all four films for you to watch


Film Trailer

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Full Length film


In 2022, I made "Running With a Covert Narcissist".  Being a victim of Covert Narcissism is an awful thing to endure.  It may take several years to go from victim to survivor.  It took me over a year to do this myself.  I made this film to teach folks what Covert Narcissism is and assist in the ID of what a Covert Narcissist looks like.  I also made the film to let fellow victims/survivors know we are not alone.  

In addition, I have created a dedicated webpage to this film where you can find out more details about how the film was made, speeches and interviews I've done on Covert Narcissism and where to get help. Here is that link for you to click on:


Film Trailer

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Full Length film

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In 2021 I made the documentary Film, "Peace on Both Sides of the Gate".  I traveled all over the country to complete the interviews.  The film addresses what happens when life on earth comes to an end and what happens next? The five subjects of this film have had a peek into the next chapter. You will experience five stories of NDE (Near Death Experience) as they answer why there is no reason to be scared of the future. By the end of the film you will no doubt be feeling better about life.

In addition, I have created a dedicated webpage to this film where you can find out more details about how the film was made, speeches I've made and more in depth stuff.  Here is the link for you to click on to go to that page:


Film Trailer

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Full Length film

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In 2019 I made the documentary Film, "The Smith Perspective", a story an incredible family that has proudly and bravely dealt with the effects of a brain tumor to the mother that has left her to be a quadriplegic. This film was premiered at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring, MD.  When the end credits role, you will never look at your life the same way.


Film Trailer

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Full Length film

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In 2015 I made the documentary Film, "Three Cameos", a story of three people from different backgrounds who all had huge mountains to climb in their lives to accomplish a noble goal.  As I follow each of their journeys, I try to define what we are all doing here on this earth through the examination of my three cameos, Harry, Eva and Malik.

My Interview

In December of 2023, I was a guest on the award-winning public access show, "Forward Motion" hosted and produced by Karen Allyn in Montgomery County, Maryland. It was aired in two-parts, both about a half hour long where I talked about the inspiration of not only the four films presently under my belt, but what drove me to make documentary films. Click below to watch each episode.

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