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"Three Cameos" Documentary Film

To the right is the three-minute trailer to my one-hour Documentary film made in 2015.  This inspiring film is now in the Montgomery County School system shown in AP Psyche classes as well as jails in Washington D.C to be shown to the incarcerated before their release back into the public. Below is the full one-hour version of the film.  It was premiered on March 13, 2016 at the AFI Theaters in Silver Spring, MD. 

Have you seen the film? I would love your feedback!

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Three Cameos is a documentary film that followed three individuals who all had a specific noble goal to achieve in their life.  However all three had different obstacles blocking the pathway to accomplishing their particular achievement.  Eva, Harry and Malik show us determination showcasing their great will setting an example for all of us to follow.  And at the same time help to answer a few questions we all ask ourselves: "What the hell are we all doing here?  Is there a purpose?"




"The Three Cameos documentary was a very real, emotional, and thought-provoking film. It really made you think about life through the eyes and soul of three strangers. Their lives could have easily been ours. It's a must see film for all ages. Kudos to James Bonato, the cameo actors, and their families for allowing us to come into their world." - Carol


"Riveting -Grabs your attention from the get go and doesn't let go. You'll be thinking about the subtle interactions for days afterwards." -Marty


"It was a realistic portrayal of three very different lives and their struggle to achieve a specific goal. It was beautifully done. Each individual showed great strength in different ways. I would recommend it to anyone." - Francine


"The Three Cameos documentary is truly an inspirational film. I was so intrigued by each storyline and enjoyed getting to know each character. It was interesting to see three completely different people, from three completely different walks of life, tackle unique challenges to reach their goals. I walked away thinking, if these individuals have the will power to take on their challenges, I also have the ability to overcome any challenges in my life. Bravo James Bonato on a spectacular film!" - Whitney


"Three Cameos was a very thought-provoking and inspiring documentary. It stood out from other documentaries as the characters are very real, and the interviews are very honest. The unscripted nature of the interviews made these individuals and their friends and family very relatable. I felt connected to each cameo, which opened up my heart and my mind to James Bonato's message of unity and humanity." - AJ


"This film is about real people overcoming real difficulties. Each one defines his/her individual struggles, barriers, and emotions along with the determination needed to reach new goals. The film is powerful, beautifully filmed, and well narrated." -Mary


"People who face life altering challenges, and still step up to the plate swinging, are truly inspiring. Thank you James for portraying through Eva, Malik and Harry, a cross section of humanity who show us strength and purpose. The film leaves you with a "everything's going to be just fine" kind of feeling. Good job!" - Daphne


"Life is a challenge... We face many obstacles in our lives. Three Cameos shows us not to give up, charge ahead, and achieve our goals....a truly inspirational hour for me. Kudos to James Bonato in capturing the precious moments of three individuals. I highly recommend this inspiring hour to anyone." - Sanjay


"Powerful from start to finish! The Three Cameo's is very well done. I was drawn in from the initial introduction to Harry, Eva and Malik. Their individual stories are inspirational. This documentary teaches all of us that we can face what life has to offer without letting it bring us down. Keeping a positive attitude helps us get through life's hurdles. Watching these amazing stories hit home. My dad was an arm amputee from World War 2 who was a ten pin bowler. He didn't let it get in his way. He even knotted his own tie. I currently have a friend who is being treated for breast cancer. Thank you for bringing these three stories to life. Congratulations!" - Faith


"The Three Cameos was extremely well put together and inspirational. I loved how the film was narrated and how it got your attention immediately. It shows that tough challenges can be overcome in life and to think positive!" - Neil


"Three Cameos was an incredibly moving and inspirational documentary of 3 real people and their struggle to overcome adversity. It was a beautifully crafted film, perfectly edited by a very talented James Bonato. It left me not wanting it to end, and appreciating every blessing I have been given." - Wendy


"I enjoyed this film so much, I even said to James, I wish it was longer. It was beautifully crafted with the right amount of interviews with the significant others of each star, with the proper time with each cameo on screen themselves. I hope that James is able to continue this aspect of his career, and I look forward to future films." - Ken


"It was wonderful! A fabulous story about three individuals jumping difficult hurdles to achieve very noble goals. It made me cry." - Rafat


"This film was very good. I enjoyed seeing 3 totally different stories told and how they all came full circle at the end. It is a movie that made you think about life and our choices we make each day and also appreciate what we have. I am so glad I could join James at his premiere and support him. Great job!" - Amanda

Here's some feedback on what people are saying about "Three Cameos"


Images from Premiere night, March 13, 2016 at AFI Theaters, Silver Spring, Maryland

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Radio interview for "Three Cameos" on March 30, 2016:

James Bonato interview - KSVY radio, Sonoma Valley, CA
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Radio interview for "Three Cameos" on April 8, 2016:

James Bonato interview - KORN radio, Mitchell, SD
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