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"The Smith Perspective" Documentary Film

To the right is the full version of the film that was premiered at the AFI Theaters in Silver Spring, MD on August 26, 2019.


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To the right is the three and a half minute trailer to my one-hour Documentary film that was premiered at the AFI Theaters in Silver Spring, MD on August 26, 2019.

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"The Smith Perspective" is a film about an incredible African American family that has proudly and bravely dealt with the effects of a brain tumor to the mother that has left her to be a quadriplegic. It is a story that challenges your life perspective which will hopefully make you question how you look at your own life in a different way. “The Smith Perspective” also defines to the deepest degree on what it takes to be a real man. It is a film worthy to be on a network so inclined to move an audience to its core.

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Click below to see a montage of the Premiere Night

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Here's some feedback on what people are saying about "The Smith Perspective"


"Words cannot convey the impact this movie had on my wife and me. The Smith Family's story changed not only our relationship and the way we communicate with each other, but also changed the way we guide and listen to our children. Finally a documentary without an agenda other than to inspire others. We now use the word "perspective" frequently and listen more than we talk. Can't thank James Bonato and the Smith family enough for sharing this story with us."

-Tony Currier


"With a natural ease, Joe Smith takes life to a whole new level. He both defines and defies the meaning of the words commitment and balance as he dedicates his entire being to his roles as Husband and Father, Caregiver and Self. James Bonato crafts this inspiring saga in a manner that captures the heart and soul of the entire Smith family and leaves you with a sense of awe. Definitely a film worth seeing!"

-Daphne Wheeler

"This is an excellent documentary depicting a beautiful, selfless acts of humanity.  When all  hope seem to be lost in the wife, her husband’s message was “not so.”  Life will go forward! He was phenomenal and the whole family followed suit.  Each one helping the other.  They showed courage, rawness, humor, and faith.  The family were committed to one another despite the odds.  The film showed the audience that humanity is not just a shallow existence to throw in the towel when hardships come.  It’s a beautiful act of love bringing a family together in unity.  It was a delight to watch and it pulled at the heart strings in so many ways.  The whole world should see this film and be enlighten by it.  Thank you James, for your talent and gift.  Truly a delight to watch."

-Bernice Noland


"The Smith Perspective is deeply compelling. To hear the story of this family, in their own words, both feeling their pain and joy, hit me at my core. Kudos to James for choosing to tell this story and to the family for their bravery & openness with such intimate parts of their lives."

-Sherry Samuels


"The Smith Perspective is an incredible achievement in documentary filmmaking. Beautifully shot and edited by James Bonato, the film intimately follows the lives of the Smith family through their hardships and triumphs. Joe Smith is one of the most likeable individuals ever to grace the screen. His charisma, charm and unwavering loyalty to his wife and family is simply awe-inspiring. Society has so much to learn from this family and I highly recommend this film to everyone. It is an experience one will never forget."

-Jasper Korneitchouk

"The Smith Perspective is a documentary film that will add a valuable piece to your own puzzle. It is a must see documentary that asks everyone to step up and be more, feel more and do more on a daily basis. James Bonato is a superb film maker and this documentary is a special tribute to The Smith family."

-Lanie Kinze


"What an inspirational story! The Smith family are amazing people and the film captured their love of family and God in an inspirational and motivational way. The film caught my attention right out the gate and kept me interested throughout."

-Carol Bowen


"It was a wonderful documentary. My husband and I enjoyed witnessing each family member's perspective and were humbled by the outpouring of inspirational and positive comments at the end."

-Holly Schotz


"I felt the documentary was great and very inspirational. It displayed the importance of family coming together through challenging times. It should be watch by everyone no matter of your race to understand what it means to have understanding and compassion. Again, I enjoyed watching the documentary and it definitely made me think about my life and challenges that I'm faced with."

-Orman Jones

"A masterpiece! Should be shared to everyone as it is so well done, so inspirational and I want anyone in the world to see this one of a kind family!"

-Ken Salzman


"This is a very moving ongoing situation of love overcoming huge challenges with persistence and even obstinacy. This is the Life saga of the Smith family. James has portrayed the story compassionately with feeling and empathy. Congratulations to James for bringing this story to a wide audience. All the Very Best to the Smith family, particularly to Mrs. Smith for her courage and fortitude. We can all learn from her example to carry on despite the most difficult obstacles."

-Feroza Vatcha

"My husband and I were honored to attend the second showing of The Smith Perspective, a very moving and inspiring profile of a beautiful family making the best of challenging circumstances. Congratulations to the producer, my friend James Bonato. Also congratulations to Joe Smith, the family patriarch and a good man who cared for his wife and two little boys, who grew up to be fine young men, themselves. The whole family attended the showing and they were every bit as warm as they seemed in the movie. I highly recommend that anyone who gets the chance to see this film grabs that opportunity."

- Stacy Furguson

"Just...WOW! If you missed "The Smith Perspective" know that it’s ALL of THAT! The next opportunity, I pray your face is in the place! I’ve laughed, cried, prayed and shouted—all of again! Many blessings as God uses this testimony to strengthen faith and families!"

-Alyce Walker Johnson

"Absolutely Wonderful! So happy to have witnessed it. Celebrating rich life and love with you. Continuing to stand with you in faith for God’s miracle working power in your lives."

-Becky Rice

"The impact of this film—I pray—will last a lifetime. Congratulations, James Bonato, on your superb work in continuity of meaningful narrative in documentary.  What a night!

-Chrissy Gecoma

"This evening I viewed a rare kind of film, one that changes the way you think about life. The mother in this family had a brain tumor, leaving her a quadriplegic after surgery. Instead of putting her in a nursing home, her husband cared for her and their two sons at home. Their perseverance and optimism over the past twenty-three years is a true testimony to their Christian faith. My eyes welled with tears numerous times during the sad but beautiful story the family told."

-Sheila Crye

"Incredible story of The Smith family- very emotional for me, so many parallels to my life- but yet still incredibly positive and inspirational. Thank you James Bonato for your gift of storytelling."

-Wendy Pflaum

"Powerful and as if we didn’t know, James is an Artist!"

-Karen Allyn

"We can never know what dominates the lives of those whose paths we cross. Until I watched this video, I just thought that Jharol was a man who drove a well equipped van to take people to physical therapy and back home again. I didn’t really pay much attention to what it takes to do this kind of work, and how great his capabilities truly are. My daughter, Stephanie, depends on him to take her to and from therapy, on time and safely. I am so grateful that he does, and very happy she posted his video. Through amazing love for his dear mother, she was more than able to teach Jharol well. What a gift they gave each other!"

-H. Anne Bennett

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